Cthulhu Jewellery & Gifts

Cthulhu and Sheela na gig
I’ve been playing with resin and brass powder again, and made these. The first is a tiki style Cthulhu and the second is a Sheela na gig (ancient stone carving of a woman displaying her naughty bits - as seen on some churches in the UK and Ireland). http://www.cthulhujewellery.com

Tentacled Bluestone Necklace
A one-off piece. Available for purchase now from my site: cthulhujewellery.com

I have two new colour variations available for my Shub-Niggurath and Glossoliath necklaces - cthulhujewellery.com

Shub-Niggurath Necklace
The Black Goat of the Woods - available from cthulhujewellery.com

Elder Stone Necklace
Handmade by myself from resin and brass - cthulhujewellery.com

Eye of the Deep Necklace
Now available in three salty flavours from my website:

My new necklace - handmade from epoxy clay. This is the gunmetal version,  I hope to have metallic green and brass versions available soon :)

My new Eldritch Amulet (brass version)
Handmade necklace available now at cthulhujewellery.com

My new Eldritch Amulet
Handmade necklace available now at cthulhujewellery.com

My new Cthulhu Amulet
3cm x 4.3cm - Available at cthulhujewellery.com

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