Cthulhu Jewellery & Gifts

Tentacled Elder Sign Paperweight

Tentacled Glass Necklace
This is now sold, but I shall be making other similar pieces soon :) cthulhujewellery.com

These two skull necklaces are now available from my shop. I sculpted the original pieces in polymer clay, then cast them in brass and resin.

Cthulhu and Sheela na gig
I’ve been playing with resin and brass powder again, and made these. The first is a tiki style Cthulhu and the second is a Sheela na gig (ancient stone carving of a woman displaying her naughty bits - as seen on some churches in the UK and Ireland). http://www.cthulhujewellery.com

Tentacled Bluestone Necklace
A one-off piece. Available for purchase now from my site: cthulhujewellery.com

I have two new colour variations available for my Shub-Niggurath and Glossoliath necklaces - cthulhujewellery.com

Shub-Niggurath Necklace
The Black Goat of the Woods - available from cthulhujewellery.com

Elder Stone Necklace
Handmade by myself from resin and brass - cthulhujewellery.com

Eye of the Deep Necklace
Now available in three salty flavours from my website:

My new necklace - handmade from epoxy clay. This is the gunmetal version,  I hope to have metallic green and brass versions available soon :)

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